Weigh In Motion Service Platform interactive app

Weigh In Motion Service app – speed up installation of your Lineas sensors with our interactive app

The WIM Service app from Kistler: the fast, easy way to record the process of installing Lineas sensors. In the past, various factors could cause issues during installation: for example, poor weather conditions might make it difficult to record data on paper. But now, our handy interactive app solves those problems – delivering real added value for our customers.

It couldn't be easier: 

  • Install the app and get approval for your customer account
  • Then, the app will ask you to open a new web page to help you with automated localization of your WIM site. You can even add a description to ensure traceability
  • Next, place the sensors and lanes on the construction plan. Our state-of-the-art app makes it easy to add all the necessary data to lanes as well as sensors
  • The last step: simply submit your site for approval by Kistler's service engineer. All done! For more information, click on our Instruction Manual

Faster installation process

Automatically generated warranty reports

Feedback from the app

The WIM Service app keeps track of all your Kistler sensors

Quick handling of warranty cases

WIM Service app
Max 25 MB