Kistler as an Employer

A Unique Career – with Kistler

Everything started with the pioneering spirit – and it's the pioneering spirit that still drives everything ahead.

Kistler offers leading industrial companies and scientific institutions a platform for innovation, progress and growth. To achieve this, we need people who are the best in their field – people who are ready to challenge the status quo. Together, we push the limits of what is possible.

Corporate Culture

Kistler is at home in an international setting where dynamism and change are the keynotes. We deploy our technology to measure pressure, force, torque and acceleration in extreme ranges. We turn our passion for technology into a living reality – and we firmly believe that innovation is the only way to keep ahead of the field. 

Friendly Workspace

People are the focus of our work. That's why, some years ago, we opted for flexible work time models in every area of the company – so our employees don't have to make compromises between their professional and family lives.

Health Management

As well as the work-life balance, our heartfelt concerns include our employees' health and safety. That's why we've set up ergonomic workstations, why we accord priority to preventive measures, and why we practice zero tolerance of critical conditions and unsafe actions.

Personnel Development

Here at Kistler, we actively develop our employees and we support individual training and education. In this way, we ensure that our employees advance at both professional and personal levels. 

As a Kistler employee, you'll have the opportunity to shoulder responsibility as you shape the future with us.

Stefanie Neuser
Stefanie Neuser
Head of HR - Americas
30280 Hudson Drive
MI 48377 Novi
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