Weight Enforcement with Kistler – Protecting Roads and Enhancing Traffic Safety

Overloaded vehicles are not only dangerous for other road users − they are also responsible for most of the damage caused to roads and bridges. Enforcement systems with Kistler's Weigh-In-Motion equipment offer a straightforward way of detecting overloaded vehicles in real time. This makes the enforcement of loading limits more efficient, while improving traffic safety and preventing unfair competition among transport companies. What’s more, Kistler’s WIM systems collect valuable data for infrastructure planning and help reduce public spending on road maintenance.

Advantages of Kistler WIM equipment for weight enforcement:

  • Accurate and reliable vehicle weighing at any speed
  • Unique quartz technology for excellent sensor stability and durability
  • Installation of Lineas® WIM sensors is quick and easy
  • No maintenance needed – even during continuous long-term operation
  • Easy integration into any enforcement solution
  • OIML R-134 certified for low to medium speed weighing

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Janet Loss
Janet Loss
Sales Representative

Improved planning and efficiency of weight enforcement controls

Less road damage, so public spending is reduced

Improved traffic safety