Kistler’s Piezoelectric WIM Quartz Sensors for Reliable Traffic Monitoring

Outstanding functionality that overcomes every challenge: Weigh In Motion systems with Lineas® quartz WIM sensors and the reliable Kistler WIM Data Logger offer highly flexible options for real-time traffic monitoring. These systems help you to improve infrastructure planning, optimize road maintenance and enhance traffic flow. What’s more, Kistler’s high-precision quartz crystal sensors take adverse weather conditions and high driving speeds in their stride.

Advantages of Kistler WIM equipment for traffic data collection:

  • Reliable and accurate measurement of vehicle loads
  • Unaffected by weather or traffic conditions
  • Easy installation in any type of road pavement (solid asphalt, drain asphalt and concrete)
  • No maintenance needed − even during continuous long-term operation
  • Simple integration into existing ITS solutions

Automated traffic monitoring helps you improve your maintenance planning and cut costs. Do you have any questions about Weigh In Motion? We'll be glad to assist you.

Janet Loss
Janet Loss
Sales Representative

Automated traffic monitoring – 24/7

Advanced infrastructure and road maintenance planning

Protect bridges against overloading

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