Traffic Data Collection in Real-Time

Information on traffic volume and load plays an important role in long-term infrastructure planning, traffic safety improvements and road maintenance optimization. Kistler's Weigh In Motion (WIM) solution KiTraffic Statistics automatically collects traffic data in real-time. The compact system consists of a WIM datalogger, sensors and pre-wired components that can be installed in all road surfaces quickly and easily. The Lineas Compact subsurface quartz sensors are installed 25 mm below the road surface which has the advantage of a long sensor life and precise traffic data collection, irrespective of weather and traffic conditions.

Traffic data collection with KiTraffic Statistics:

  • Reliable and accurate measurement of vehicle loads
  • Increased service life thanks to the unique Lineas Compact subsurface sensor, which is installed below the road surface
  • Easy installation in all road surfaces
  • Maintenance-free, even during long-term usage 
  • Quick and easy to install thanks to pre-wired system components
  • Simple integration into existing ITS solutions

Automated, non-stop traffic data collection

Optimization of infrastructure and maintenance planning

Tracking of special transports


Precise measurements throughout the lifetime of the sensor.

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