Accurate and Efficient: Weight-Based Toll Collection with Kistler

Weight-based toll collection solutions with Kistler’s WIM equipment help generate additional revenues to finance spending on infrastructure while supporting fair road pricing. In line with the ‘polluter pays’ principle, the fee for using a toll road should be proportional to the wear caused by the vehicle. This means that users will pay according to the actual weight of their vehicles, as pavement damage increases significantly with the axle load. Kistler WIM systems also give you the option to target and sanction loading limit violations right away, or deny access to bridges and roads for overloaded vehicles. Our fully automated measurement systems deliver real-time data you can rely on to collect weight-based tolls.

Advantages of Kistler WIM equipment for toll collection:

  • Accurate and reliable vehicle weighing at any speed
  • Durable and maintenance-free Lineas® quartz WIM sensors
  • Quick installation for optimum traffic flow
  • Simple integration into any manual or automated toll collection system
  • OIML R-134 certified for low to medium speed weighing

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Janet Loss
Janet Loss
Sales Representative

Fair allocation of toll fees

Increased revenue to cover road maintenance spending

Penalties for load limit violations

Protect infrastructure by denying access to overloaded vehicles