Traffic Data You Can Rely on – with Kistler’s Weigh-In-Motion Equipment

Pavement damage increases exponentially with higher axle loads. Information on traffic loading will help you to protect road infrastructure, improve traffic safety and optimize road design. Kistler’s Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) equipment ensures automated real-time traffic monitoring without affecting the traffic flow. The unique Lineas® quartz WIM sensors in combination with the Kistler WIM Data Logger supply reliable data on traffic volume, axle loads and gross vehicle weight. They are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications, ranging from traffic data collection to weight enforcement and toll collection. The Kistler WIM Data Logger with the Lineas® quartz WIM sensors is now OIML-certified for low to medium-speed vehicle weighing.

Traffic Data Collection

You won’t ever lose a pound with Kistler's reliable WIM equipment to collect comprehensive traffic data and optimize public spending on road infrastructure.

Weight Enforcement

Detect and identify any traffic offenders with Kistler's durable and accurate WIM equipment.

Toll Collection

Plug and cash with weight-based toll fees – and generate more revenue to finance spending on road infrastructure.

Industrial Truck Weighing

Invoice industrial goods by weight or check axle and gross vehicle weight with Kistler’s Weigh-In-Motion solutions for efficient truck weighing.

Kistler Lineas® strip sensors are now OIML-certified for low to medium-speed vehicle weighing
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