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Weigh In Motion solutions from Kistler - traffic data you can rely on

Transport facilitates mobility. It connects people and places, enables the exchange of goods and is an important prerequisite for our quality of life, so it is no wonder that its importance and volume are increasing worldwide. At the same time, however, the strain on roads and traffic infrastructure is becoming more intense. To prevent road damage and ensure safety, road owners and operators must sustainably manage the use of their roads diligently.

Kistler's advanced and certified Weigh In Motion (WIM) solutions collect and process traffic data without impacting traffic flow. The measurement technology experts’ portfolio includes comprehensive measurement systems that range from sensors to software. Reliable data on traffic volume, axle load and total weight facilitate the identification of overloaded vehicles, thus helping to reliably protect road infrastructure, increase road safety and effectively charge traffic originators. Additional services, such as road analyses and calibration, round off Kistler’s Weigh In Motion portfolio.

Traffic Data Collection
Traffic Data Collection

KiTraffic Statistics WIM system which facilitates easy traffic monitoring and optimal infrastructure planning.

Weight Enforcement
Weight Enforcement

KiTraffic Plus WIM system which automatically identifies overloaded vehicles in real time, increasing road safety and road life.

Weight Based Tolling
Weight Based Tolling

WIM systems for fair, weight based tolling which generates revenue for road maintenance.

Industrial Truck Weighing
Industrial Truck Weighing

WIM system to invoice industrial goods by weight and check trucks’ axle weight or gross vehicle weight.

Kistler has 20 years of experience in Weigh In Motion.
Up to date, more than 50’000 Lineas quartz sensors were installed in more than 50 countries.

At Intertraffic 2018 the Kistler Group is showcasing its comprehensive KiTraffic Weigh In Motion (WIM)...
Kistler Lineas® strip sensors are now OIML-certified for low to medium-speed vehicle weighing
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