Measuring thermoacoustics phenomena in high-temperature environments

Measuring systems from Kistler allow to measure thermoacoustics  phenomena in harsh environments with permanent temperatures up to 700°C and short time up to 1000°C.

Applications include monitoring of gas turbines and other turbo machinery, R&D of continuous detonation engines, monitoring and control of pressure oscillations in pipes and acoustic thermometry. The durable piezoelectric sensors from Kistler based on proprietary PiezoStar KI100 crystal material have been developed specifically for permanent temperatures up to 700°C and short time up to 1000°C. KI100 crystals have no pyroelectric effect.

The fully differential measuring system is insensitive to electromagnetic interferences and even allows low level sound pressure measurements. Our modular portfolio comprises a great variety of sensors, including Ex-versions certified in accordance with ATEX directives. This guarantees an optimal solution for all common application scenarios in the area of thermoacoustics.

Gas turbine monitoring
Gas turbine monitoring

Kistler high-temperature measuring systems measure thermoacoustics phenomena in harsh environments up to 700°C.

Kistler launches a new uniaxial accelerometer for vibration testing at extremely high temperatures.
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