Torque Sensors from Kistler

In universities and industry, whether for basic research or quality monitoring: Kistler torque sensors define the power and friction coefficients of drives, transmissions and pumps with guaranteed precision.

Strain gage technology is a robust solution for measurements on rotating shafts as well as dynamic or static long-term measurements.Maximum accuracy, outstandingly rigid structural design and high temperature stability: thanks to these assets, Kistler's strain gage technology can accomplish the most demanding tasks.

Our piezoelectric reaction torque sensors offer equally convincing features: extreme overload capacity, high signal resolution and wide frequency ranges. They are ideal for measuring tasks where geometry, temperature range or dynamics make for difficult conditions.

Rotating Torque Sensors

  • Covering an extensive measurement range
  • Comprehensive portfolio of products to accomplish every measuring task
  • Plug-and-play principle for straightforward startup
  • High-precision, wear-free measuring instruments
  • Dakks-accredited calibration equipment for all torque sensors

Reaction Torque Sensors

  • Stationary, piezoelectric reaction torque sensors for quasi-static and dynamic measurements
  • Torque ranges from 1 to 1000Nm
  • Suitable for extremely small torque shifts
  • Robust due to high overload capacity
  • Simple to install

The right solution for every measuring task. Simply contact us!

Janet Loss
Janet Loss
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