Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition with Kistler

A high-grade signal conditioning and data acquisition solution ensures the sensor signals are available with the best possible quality and this is the key to producing the desired high-precision measurement results.

Kistler offers the matching signal conditioning solution for each sensor. A charge amplifier is required for piezoelectric sensors (PE), whereas piezoelectric sensors with integrated electronics (IEPE) are fed by Piezotron® couplers. In addition to analog amplifier solutions, Kistler also offers devices with integrated data acquisition. High-precision calibration equipment rounds off the offer

Charge Amplifiers

  • Charge ranges from 2 to 2 200 000 pC
  • Frequency ranges from ≈0 to 200 000 Hz
  • Devices with integrated data acquisition
  • Dual-mode amplifiers (compatible with PE and IEPE sensors)
  • Single- and multi-channel solutions

Piezotron® Couplers (IEPE)

  • From battery-operated single channel devices to line-powered multi-channel systems
  • IEPE solutions with TEDS support

Amplifier for Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

  • Amplifiers with PiezoSmart® sensor identification
  • Support of digital compensation for maximum measuring accuracy

Power Supplies for MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers

  • Power supplies for up to 15 single axis and up to five triaxial K-Beam® accelerometers

Calibration Devices

  • Fully automated calibration of charge amplifiers and other signal conditioning devices
  • Portable signal conditioning system for the calibration of piezoelectric sensors

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