Accelerometers and Acoustic Emission Sensors from Kistler

Kistler’s product portfolio includes a variety of single and triaxial accelerometers that can consistently endure the most demanding applications while providing reliable results.

Very high frequency activity is routinely measured with one of the several miniature piezoelectric accelerometers. Typical application examples for these sensors are environmental testing in space loads, Noise Vibration & Harshness (NVH) in automotive or modal analysis.

Whereas for applications where static or low frequency activity is of interest MEMS Variable Capacitance accelerometers are the right choice. MEMS Variable Capacitance accelerometers might be used for ultra-low frequency measurements such as automotive and railway durability testing, in flight flutter testing in aviation, vibration monitoring in railway or bridge structural monitoring for example.

With Acoustic Emission sensors the measurement of acoustic waves on metallic surfaces up to 1MHz are possible. These sensors can be used for non-destructive testing or permanent online monitoring.

Additional specific products such as rotational accelerometers for measurements on an oscillating specimen, impedance heads and impact hammers for modal analysis are also available.

Piezoelectric Accelerometers

  • Single axis and triaxial solutions with charge (PE) and voltage (IEPE) output
  • Measurement from 0.5 to 12kHz (+/-5%)
  • Unique triaxial accelerometers allowing to be stud-mounted in any of the three orthogonal directions
  • Piezoelectric accelerometers based on ceramic:
    - Ultra low noise, light weight ceramic based sensors down to 140 µg
    - PE solution for high temperature applications up to 250°C (480°F)
  • Piezoelectric accelerometers based on quartz or PiezoStar® crystal:
    - High thermal stability with PiezoStar crystals for dynamic temperature applications from -196 to 165°C (-320 to 330°F)
    - Wide frequency ranges thanks to high rigidity and resonance frequencies
    - Long-term stability

MEMS Variable Capacitance Accelerometers

  • Single axis and triaxial MEMS accelerometers
  • Measurement from 0Hz (DC) to 1kHz (+/-5%)
  • Uni- or bipolar, single-ended or differential outputs
  • Thermal and long-term stability

Acoustic Emission Measuring Chain

  • Measurement of high energy surface waves from 50kHz to 1MHz
  • Acoustic Emission measurements up to 165°C (330°F)
  • ATEX/CSA certification option available for use in hazardous environments

For high-precision acceleration measurement, even under critical conditions - simply contact us!

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