Test & Measurement

Sensors and Measuring Systems from Kistler

Measuring Equipment for Demanding Testing & Measurement Applications

Drawing on a wealth of experience, Kistler supplies pressure, acceleration, acoustic emission, force, strain, and torque sensors with corresponding signal conditioning solutions for the Test & Measurement market. Kistler provides engineers, researchers, measurement technicians and students in a wide range of industries with reliable high-quality measuring equipment.

Today, Kistler is the global market leader in piezoelectric measuring technology and the largest supplier of piezoelectric measuring equipment. Kistler’s Test & Measurement product portfolio is complemented with high-quality piezoresistive, capacitive and strain gage sensors. All of these sensors are used for demanding applications in measurement-, testing-, research- and development-laboratories across the world.

Space Testing
Space Testing

Kistler space testing: high-quality measuring equipment for safe, reliable and efficient programs.

Aviation Testing
Aviation Testing

Kistler offers comprehensive jet testing solutions applied on engines, brakes, and landing gear as well as for vibration analyses in flight and on the ground.

Components by Kistler

Wide portfolio of force, pressure, acceleration and torque sensors as well as hardware.

Data Acquisition with KiDAQ
Data Acquisition with KiDAQ

KiDAQ is an innovative, modular data acquisition system. It increases measuring certainty drastically thanks to transparency along the entire measuring chain.

The world's largest piezo force sensor can measure up to 450kN
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