Kistler rail technology uses Kistler sensors to enhance safety and help guarentee availability in rail transport applications

Rail Technology – Measurement Technology for a Safe, Reliable Rail Systems

In rail transport applications, keeping infrastructure and rolling stock safe and ensuring availability are always top priorities. Manufacturers, maintenance companies and operators all have responsibilities in these areas. Kistler rail technology provides each of them with support: Manufacturers can use Kistler accelerometers to test train models, maintenance companies can check the braking force of vehicles and rail network operators can use our Rail Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) system to monitor trains whilst they are on the move.

This WIM system not only makes it possible to determine weight, but also enables early detection of damage to wheels and so can prevent any knock on problems from affecting the larger rail network. Kistler rail technology offers precision measurement technology for every situation, including meeting any and all regulation, standard, and legislation requirements.

Rail Technology
Brake Force Measurement

We offer Piezoelectric braking force sensors for rail car maintenance.

Rail Technology
Rail Weigh-in-Motion

Kistler Rail WIM system ensures both increased safety and cost-effectiveness thanks to the continuous weight monitoring to detect for any unfavorable loads or wheel damage.

Rail Technology
Acceleration Measurement

From modal analysis to derailing detection sensors, Kistler accelerometers are suitable for all kinds of applications – including vibration measurement, improvement of passenger comfort , durability measurements and preventive maintenance.