Measurement of force during cutting to develop and assess tools and materials

The efficiency and quality of any cutting process is dependent on a large number of factors. All the equipment used must be matched to the process; the machine, the tool, the clamping fixtures and the coolant should all be carefully chosen. Otherwise you will limit both the cost-effectiveness of the process, and the quality of the finished part. With regard to the material, its machinability will also have a huge impact on both quality and efficiency. The information generated by using a dynamometer to measure cutting forces permits systematic development, selection and evaluation of tools, clamping devices, coolants and materials, resulting in improved performance of the cutting process.

Kistler applications during the measurement of cutting force for the development and assessment of tools and materials

  • Optimization of tools and clamping devices under real world conditions
  • Evaluation of coolants
  • Determining the ease with which materials can be cut
  • Verifying simulations and process models
  • Establishing unique product features

Benefits of piezoelectric measurement technology

  • The high rigidity and natural frequencies make it possible to identify of the engagement of individual cutting edges
  • Measurement of 3 force directions and torque
  • Measuring range extends from micro and heavy duty machining
  • Robust and coolant-resistant (IP67)
  • Easy to integrate and handle thanks to compact design
  • Exceptionally durable


  • Turning, milling, drilling, sawing, tapping, broaching, hobbing and much more
  • Grinding, honing, polishing and much more
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