Kistler Type 9139AA – Temperature-Compensated Stationary Dynamometer

Kistler Type 9139AA – Temperature-Compensated Stationary Dynamometer

Piezoelectric dynamometer to measure large forces in high-performance cutting

Kistler’s Type 9139AA stationary dynamometer measures forces in the cutting process with outstandingly high signal quality, so it opens up various possibilities: accurate analysis of cutting processes or machining strategies, and optimization of auxiliary equipment such as cutting tools. 

Type 9139AA features a compact and extremely rugged structural design as well as a wide measuring range of 30 kN in all three directions. The patented design with horizontal pretensioning largely eliminates the negative impact of heat that is typically generated during the cutting process, so signal drift is minimized. The wide force range makes the Type 9139AA ideal for high-performance cutting (HPC).

Key Features at a Glance

  • Wide measuring range
  • Patented structural design, largely temperature-compensated
  • Extremely compact and rugged design
  • High natural frequency

Suitable for High Removal Rates
Kistler’s Type 9139AA horizontally pretensioned stationary dynamometer features a compact design and a wide measuring range of 30 kN in all three directions. It is specifically designed for milling applications and flat grinding with high removal rates and correspondingly high forces. But this dynamometer can also be used for drilling, other cutting applications and force or torque measurements in general. 

Precise Measurements at High Spindle Speeds
Natural frequency was a key issue in Kistler's development work on the Type 9139AA. Extensive FEM analyses were carried out to optimize the design and structure so that natural frequencies of about 3 kHz are achieved despite the dynamometer's size. This minimizes negative dynamic impact on the measurement signals – so cutting processes are captured accurately even at high tooth passing frequencies.

Related documents such as data sheets and instruction manuals can be found under Type 9139AA. 

Patented Design Minimizes Signal Drift
The thermal energy generated during the cutting process usually causes undesirable signal drift. Kistler's Type 9139AA, 9129AA and 9119AA dynamometers feature a patented design with horizontal pretensioning that largely eliminates these negative influences. The result: even processes that generate large amounts of heat or those with thermal differences can be captured accurately.


Workpieces are Simple to Mount
The large number of threaded holes make it simple to mount workpieces on the Type 9139AA. Mounting the dynamometer on the machine table is equally straightforward. The Type 9139AA dynamometer is based on the Fischer flange connector concept that is in widespread use, with the same pin assignment as all Kistler's other stationary dynamometers. It is easy to replace the measuring platform, and the existing cables and charge amplifiers can be used again.


Precise analysis of the cutting process

Different machining strategies can be quantified

Tools are optimized 

Qualification of coolants lubrican

Targeted tool life analysis

Different material batches can be compared

Verification of simulations and process models

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