Cutting Force Measurement

Cutting force measurement with piezoelectric dynamometers from Kistler

How well can a material be cut? What impact does the tool have on the cutting force? What are the optimum process parameters for cutting and what would be an appropriate cutting strategy? Many challenges, one partner for cutting force measurement: Stationary and rotating dynamometers from Kistler allow precise cutting force measurement in processes, with both geometrically defined cutting edge and geometrically undefined cutting edge. Cause and effect relationships which can be identified using our dynamometers and this information can, in turn, be used to: support tool development, demonstrate the impact of any lubricants or coatings or simply, optimize any process.

Tool development and assessment
Tool development and assessment

Kistler systems support the development and assessment of materials, tools, clamping systems and lubricants.

Process analysis and optimization
Process analysis and optimization

Protecting tools and identifying unused potential: Analysis of your process can identify any inappropriate process designs and hence improve your cost-effectiveness.

Kistler is pleased to introduce MicroDyn, the world's smallest series-produced cutting force meter.
In the development of cooling lubricants, Blaser Swisslube relies on Kistler's measurement expertise.
Advanced features for LabAmp family maximize flexibility for cutting force users.
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Tokyo (Big Sight), Japan
Japan International Machine Tool Fair JIMTOF 2018