Cutting Force Measurement

Cutting force measurement for less scrap and a longer service life

How easily can the material be cut? What influence does the tool have on the cutting force? How can I prolong my tool service life? What cutting forces are acting on the cutting edge? What are the optimal cutting data and what does an optimal cutting strategy look like? These questions can be answered with stationary and rotating dynamometers from Kistler. The piezoelectric sensors reliably and accurately measure the cutting forces during machining. The results obtained help increase the quality and cost-effectively of tools and cutting processes.

Tool development and assessment
Tool development and assessment

Better tools, clamping systems and lubricants thanks to accurate cutting force measurement.

Process analysis and optimization
Process analysis and optimization

Protecting tools and discovering unused potential: use cutting force measurement as a diagnostic tool to analyze and optimize processes.

High-accuracy dynamometer combined with innovative chuck extends tool lifetime and reduces production costs
BIG Daishowa, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is one of the leading producers of tool holders for the machining industry. Each year the company produces over half a million collet chucks. Their products are developed using, among other resources, Kistler’s cutting force measuring device.
Kistler is pleased to introduce MicroDyn, the world's smallest series-produced cutting force meter.
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