Performance analysis for swimming - Succeed with Kistler PAS-S through faster starts & turns

For competitive swimmers, performance at starts and turns is a key factor in achieving better results. Just a few hundredths of a second decide whether the race is won or lost. One impressive example of how close finishes in swimming competitions can be is the 50 meter freestyle race at the Olympic Games in Rio.

The American swimmer Anthony Ervin won the gold medal at 35 years of age by one hundredth of a second. Ervin laid the foundation for this success four months earlier when he began to train with Kistler Performance Analysis System for swimming (PAS-S) and improved his start. 

"The Kistler system PAS-S is the advanced tool I needed to turn the worst swimming start on the world stage, into one of the best, and thus reclaiming the title of Olympic Champion.” – Anthony Ervin, Olympic Champion 2016 50 m freestyle 

Improve performance with reliable data to make the difference

The Kistler Performance Analysis System for Swimming PAS-S provides the key performance parameters to enhance elite swimmer’s skills in starts and turns effectively. The system delivers immediate feedback for coaches and athletes with reliable data – information which cannot be seen by eye. This detailed information gives coaches and athletes the basis to adapt the performance and technique directly in the next trial. As a result, the performance is effectively measured and improved in the daily training.


The PAS- system can make you a better coach by giving you information you wouldn’t know about your athletes without it” - Kajo Kajevich, Assistant Coach, SwimMAC Team Elite, US


It’s a really great piece of kit as it enables to deliver good evidence based coaching. The system catches an athletes metrics and then from that we can make informed decisions going forward.” – Catherine Gilby, Head of Sport Science and Medicine, British Para Swimming


As the competition gets tougher and the field gets closer, it’s really essential to have those good starts and turns when trying to pick up medals at major championships and Kistler enables us to do that!“ – Andrew Mullen, Paralympic Medallist/European Champion, British Para Swimming

Find out more about how the British Team is using the Kistler System in their video


The data generated by the PAS-S can't be captured with the naked eye because everything happens far too quickly and at the same time. That's why it's so important to have a tool like this one to optimize the start.” – Dave Burkhardt, Head of Junior and Youth National Team, Swiss Swimming


Kistler PAS-S was used to assist my athlete in fine tuning their skills in the lead up to the Olympics. The ability for Kistler PAS-S to be able to provide immediate feedback to the athlete, scientist and I was a key feature in how I used it for skill development.“ – Australian Coach of an Olympic athlete, Swimming Australia


Start faster - Get in the game first

  • A better starter can be over 0.5 seconds faster than a poorer starter over the first 15 meters therefore to start faster is crucial
  • Up to 25% of race time consists of starting time
  • Anthony Ervin had improved his start performance on the road to the Olympics and succeeded by winning the 50 meters freestyle race


Turn faster - Win time turn-by-turn

  • In long distance races a shaving some time per turn can sum up to several seconds over the whole race
  • Turns comprise up to 33% of total race time on short course (25 meters pool)
  • To tur faster is especially beneficial in distance races


Improve faster - Analyze with ease

  • Force measurement: The instrumented starting block and turning plate measure kinetic data for starts from block, backstroke starts and turns
  • High-speed video capture: 5 High-speed cameras provide a complete visual image from start to 15 meters distance
  • User Interface: Shows the video along with a biomechanical analysis of the kinetic and kinematic information in an easy way to understand, analyze and compare trials


Rely on 50 years of success in sports and performance analysis. We’ll be glad to assist you. 

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