Kistler Sprint

Kistler Sprint: the faster way to success

Kistler's 9693A Sprint system shows coaches and athletes new potential for boosting performance. This system measures force and speed, calculates performance data automatically, and supplies valuable knowledge about explosive power and efficiency during an athlete's start and acceleration phase.

Users can view relevant parameters immediately after the measurement: a big help to improving performance on every start. Features include high-speed cameras and a Compare mode to show different athletes or points of time in training side by side – so results can be visualized and ranked.

Kistler Sprint: for the head start that leads to success.

Kistler's Sprint system: the components

Kistler's Sprint system comprises a sprint starting block with instrumentation to measure force, a laser to capture speed, high-speed cameras for visual feedback, and an electronic start system. All data is captured synchronously; the software handles calculations and further analysis.

For more information about the individual components, please consult the brochure or data sheet.


  • A faster start from the block: knowledge derived from Kistler Sprint measurement data is the basis for efficient start performance
  • More time for coaching: the software delivers performance data at a glance, immediately after measurement. That leaves more time for feedback and training
  • Visualization makes learning simpler and more effective: video images and Compare mode help users to analyze and interpret force data, so it's easier to put the knowledge into practice
  • For daily use: setup times are short, so the system is quickly ready to operate
  • Compatible with competition conditions: the Kistler starting block matches the design of the Olympic starting block, and it can easily be adjusted to specific starting positions
  • Flexible: for use indoors and outdoors
  • Mobile: comes in a case with rollers for easy transportation

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