Sport Performance Analysis with Force Plates - Succeed when it counts with Kistler MARS

To achieve top sporting performances, athletes need tailored training methods that are continuously optimized in line with their needs. Basing the plan of training or rehabilitation on reliable data is therefore crucial to effectively increase performance.

Kistler MARS offers a state of the art sport performance analysis tool that provides parameters about power, strength, balance and stability. Kistler force plates use piezoelectric sensors to measure forces and moments for sports and performance analysis. Together this is a winning combination.

Effective Solution for Sport Performance Monitoring, Injury Prevention and Athlete Qualification:

  • Unique software for fast, targeted analysis
  • 20 modules for standard performance monitoring tests (Jump/Power, Balance/Stability)
  • Piezoelectric technology to capture fast movements and slight changes
  • Reliable data with high accuracy

Rely on 50 years of success in sports and performance analysis.

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Janet Loss
Janet Loss
Sales Representative

Analysis of performance and training efficiency

Adapt training based on test results to increase performance and prevent injuries 

Make return-to-play decisions based on reliable data

Secure investments through regular testing and qualification

Highlighting of differences that are not visible on video