Kinesiology and Ergonomics with Kistler for High Precision Measurements

Forces that cause human movement normally act on our hands or feet and exert strain on our entire musculoskeletal system. These forces can be measured reliably with piezoelectric measurement technology from Kistler. And even under the most exacting conditions, Kistler's force and acceleration sensors record mechanical loads with outstanding accuracy.

Advantages of Kistler piezoelectric force measurement:

  • High accuracy, linearity and sensitivity
  • Long-term stability across an exceptionally wide measuring range
  • Reliable, reproducible results
  • Specific detection of hand forces and ground reaction force

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Janet Loss
Janet Loss
Sales Representative

Work-related health risks can be prevented

Operation of machinery and equipment is optimized

Ergonomic aspects are incorporated into machine and process design


Precise measurements for the entire life of the sensor.

Quick assistance for optimum operation.