Automated rotary plate testing systems for continuous testing of single parts – KVC 821

Automated rotary plate testing systems in series KVC 821 are the ideal choice to meet the increasing requirements for attributive surface testing as well as dimensional checking of individual parts. Testing is performed on a continuously rotating plate with a glass ring attachment and a regulated servo drive with a friction clutch. Depending on their size and weight, the parts for testing are fed in via an integrated or separate feeder system. The optimum target feed rate can be set with the help of the integrated software.

Individual testing and sorting functions

  • Dimensional checks on individual parts
  • Attributive surface testing thanks to the Trevista reflected light dome illumination unit based on shape-from-shading technology
  • Hardness testing

Equipment features and options

  • Testing rates of up to 700 parts/min
  • Comfortable operator experience thanks to 24" touchscreen
  • Up to eight matrix and line-scan cameras (black-and-white or color) with resolutions of up to 16 million pixels
  • LED flash illumination, transmitted and reflected light (telecentric, coaxial, diffuse)
  • trevista reflected light dome illumination unit
  • Rotary plate with glass ring attachment
  • Adjustable vibratory conveyor for the part feed
  • Separating device with swarf separator
  • Triggering by laser light barrier
  • Telescopic tray with keyboard and trackball
  • Control cabinet and 19-inch USP
  • CAQ connection
  • Remote maintenance is possible

Trevista is a registered trademark of our partner SAC


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Productivity boost 

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