Process Monitoring Joining

Process Monitoring for Joining – Precision and Reliability Thanks to Kistler

Monitoring and control of joining processes provide the essential bedrock for all successful industrial production operations – in sectors as varied as the automotive and consumer goods industries, medical technology, packaging and electronics. Dependable monitoring ensures 100% quality of the end products, allowing early detection and filtering of faulty parts so as to avoid further unnecessary process steps.

Process Monitoring Joining
Process Monitoring on Manual Press Systems

Precise and reliable measuring technology is the key to comprehensive quality assurance for assembly, joining and testing processes.

Process Monitoring Joining
Process Monitoring Clinching

The clinching process is used to produce a positive connection between two layers of sheet metal, and it requires no filler metals.

Process Monitoring Joining
Spot Welding - Process Monitoring

Process monitoring that is comprehensive, precise and reliable is the key factor to ensure stable quality assurance for spot and projection welding.

Process Monitoring Joining
Process Monitoring Assembly

Alongside classical joining techniques, processes such as inserting contact pins into printed circuit boards play a key part in assembly technology.

Process Monitoring Joining
Process Monitoring Bolting

Kistler offers an extensive range of products for quality assurance in the bolting process. Piezoelectric reaction torque sensors deliver precise torque measurements so that handheld screwdrivers can be reliably calibrated.

Process Monitoring Joining
Process Monitoring Press Fitting

Kistler's measuring systems to monitor press fitting processes are used in combination with hydraulic, hydropneumatic, pneumatic or electrically powered press cylinders.

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