Deep-drawing – process monitoring

Keep track of deep-drawing processes at all times

Monitoring for forming

In the majority of cases, hydraulic or pneumatic presses are used for solid forming of sheets and metals. Piezoelectric measuring sensors from Kistler facilitate direct or indirect monitoring of presses and forming processes, enabling early detection of possible tool wear and accurate monitoring of end product quality. Kistler sensors are deployed in the hydraulic line of the press, in the press tool or in the columns of the press. Force-displacement progressions can be monitored by state-of-the-art monitoring systems with data visualization. In case of internal process evaluation, the measurement signals can be made available via a charge amplifier.

Advantages of deep-drawing monitoring with Kistler:

  • Suitable for highly dynamic processes
  • Sensors with overload protection
  • Wide measuring range
  • Retrofitting is straightforward

Flexible solutions for accurate monitoring of deep-drawing processes. Simply contact us!


Quality control

Process reliability

Increased productivity

Optimized resources

Products are simple to integrate


Maximum measurement accuracy in your process.

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