Process Control: Good Injection Behavior for high production quality

ComoNeo is more than a monitoring tool. It is also an excellent choice for the control of injection molding processes. The system also includes automated switchover to ensure perfect timing when changing over from speed-controlled to pressure-controlled injection molding in response to cavity pressure during the hot runner balancing process. This ensures balanced injection behavior which results in very high process stability.

Rich Marinucci
Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative

Multiflow is one of the control methods used for hot runner balancing. Its purpose is to use appropriate temperature control of the individual hot runner tips to ensure that all filling curves have identical filling, so that production quality is guaranteed. 

Thanks to these process control options that are newly integrated in ComoNeo, process fluctuations can now be compensated during the production phase as well. Real-time control optimizes the switchover point for all the cavities – resulting in balanced injection behavior across the entire production sequence. As an option for ComoNeo and CoMo Injection, Multiflow synchronizes the pressure profiles by individually controlling the nozzle temperatures on the hot runner. It stabilizes the process and adjusts for batch fluctuations as well as other process disruptions. 

The basis for Multiflow is provided by reliable information about the entire mold filling process, so it enables automatic compensation for batch fluctuations and process disruptions. This is a key advantage as compared to systems based on melt front detection. Multiflow makes the process control more accurate and provides a lot of benefits not just for the single user, but for the production company.


Identical filling conditions in all cavities 

Shorter tooling and setup times 

Fast injection molding process startup 

No manual setting or readjustment of temperatures and parameters 

Fully automated compensation of material fluctuations and process disruptions 

Integrated in ComoNeo as a standalone solution (control without PC is possible) 

When aiming for the best possible process control, it is important to have all the information needed to define a current status. Therefore ComoNeo provides active feedback for the machine. This allows ideal timing for the switchover from speed control to pressure control in response to cavity pressure.

For molds with multiple cavities, automatic switchover behavior has been optimized for the specific purpose of compensating for different behavior patterns throughout the production sequence. When conditions are set manually, additional dependencies across multiple cavities are available as control criteria. 

On the other hand, fully automated switchover is mainly used for molds with small numbers of cavities. The benefit here: ease of handling. All these points lead to the highest possible product quality.


Perfect timing of the switchover from speed-controlled to pressure-controlled injection molding 

Switchover point detection can be setup automatically for a simple use

Switchover point detection can be setup manually for considering more complex correlations in case of multi cavity molds

Accurate process control

Best possible product quality

Minimized fill time difference 

Mold-friendly process 

Reduces stresses in the component