ComoDataCenter: Central Storage of Production Data and Integration into Higher-Level Systems

CoMoDataCenter is the central system which brings all the data from ComoNeo and CoMo Injection together. It combines process- and quality-related production data for both live and completed orders in one database.

With focus on creating the best possible process control, Kistler brings the ComoDataCenter (CDC) to ComoNeo. The proven features of the CDC make it easier to network data and improve the traceability of part quality. Thanks to this innovation, ComoNeo and CoMo Injection are now linked via a common database. Another highlight: The complete mold management is integrated into the CDC. The settings can be stored centrally, so the ComoNeo and CoMo Injection mold settings can be transferred to other machines or plants via CDC.

Data Networking with ease

Production data are very important to come up with crucial decisions. But only generating data on several levels is not enough. The user needs to be able to bring them together for further analysis. Therefore data networking is important.

In addition, there is provision for integration into higher-level systems such as SAP or other MES systems. The CDC acts as the single interface between the process and higher-level systems. The benefit: all data can easily be networked with other systems across the company. What's more, the CDC's user interface is now standardized with the tried-and-tested ComoNeo interface. The user gets a fast overview of the production efficiency of all connected ComoNeo and CoMo Injection systems.

Rich Marinucci
Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative

Central data storage for all recorded process data

Process fluctuations are quickly detected

Detailed analysis options and statistical evaluations of all historic and live production runs

Storage and management of all mold settings