ComoNeo, the Next Generation of Process Monitoring Systems for Injection Molding Applications in Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 vision has already emerged as a distinct reality in the injection molding sector. The new approach to production focuses on consistent digitization – leading to enhanced product quality and increased cost-efficiency. Market players equipped with Kistler systems for process monitoring and control, like ComoNeo, are ideally placed to meet the requirements for digital networking – with no problems.

Quality requirements for injection molding are constantly increasing, so permanent control of the entire production chain is essential. Kistler presents ComoNeo and ComoDataCenter: two system components designed for process monitoring that offer the best possible basis for achieving this goal in the Industry 4.0 era – and they are perfectly suited to novices as well as experienced users.

Rich Marinucci
Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative

Zero-defect production

Quality costs are cut

Optimal process efficiency

Process reliability is enhanced

Cycle times are optimized

Staff costs are reduced

Plant efficiency is increased

Rapid amortization