Electromechanical NC Joining Systems from Kistler – for Energy-Efficient and Highly Flexible Press-Fit and Joining Processes

Kistler offers a wide range of products that guarantee complete monitoring and control of press-fit and joining processes – including sensors, measuring chains, monitors, evaluation units and NC joining systems. Typically, these products are used in the automobile industry and the automotive supply sector, e.g. for assembling engines or transmissions. Kistler's portfolio includes the maXYmos family – making us the only provider to offer a complete family of products with a uniform operating philosophy for tasks ranking from XY process monitoring all the way through to extended control of NC joining modules. Kistler systems are outstandingly user-friendly and their integrated sequential control ensures maximum flexibility to handle joining processes, no matter how complex.

Advantages of electromechanical NC joining systems from Kistler:

  • Energy-efficient systems: up to 80% savings on energy
  • Low installation outlay, space-saving design
  • Monitoring and traceability of joining processes
  • Low-maintenance operation

NC joining systems deliver comprehensive control and monitoring of all joining and press-fit processes. Simply contact us!

Rich Marinucci
Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative

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