NC Joining Systems

Electromechanical NC Joining Systems from Kistler – for Total Control of Quality and Processes

Electromechanical NC joining systems from Kistler make it possible to monitor, control and optimize joining and press-fit tasks in the automobile industry and the automotive supply sector, to name just two areas of use. Process monitoring with end-to-end documentation is integrated into the manufacturing operation, so these systems guarantee total quality assurance and process reliability in series production. Convincing advantages of our electromechanical NC joining systems include major energy savings and substantially reduced operating costs (TCO). Integrated monitoring and control enable real-time management of the process – so cycle times are even shorter. With fewer rejects and an overall increase in productivity, Kistler's systems achieve zero-defect production and maximum cost efficiency.

NC Joining Systems
NC Joining Systems

Kistler offers a wide range of products that guarantee complete monitoring and control of press-fit and joining processes – including sensors, measuring chains, monitors, evaluation units and NC joining systems.

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