High-Precision Friction Welding

Customized Industrial Solutions from Kistler

Friction welding is used to join pairs of different materials and to implement special geometries. Comprehensive process monitoring is essential to ensure optimal welded joints. Piezoelectric sensors from Kistler deliver precise and reliable measurements. They make it possible to maintain constant joint quality, to detect possible tool wear at an early stage and to adapt machine parameters to changing ambient conditions. Every process is different, so Kistler offers customized solutions that can be individually integrated into customers' existing structures.

Advantages of process monitoring for friction welding with Kistler:

  • Measuring sensors are easy to integrate
  • Flexible measuring options
  • Optimized and customized measuring chains
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products

Reliable process monitoring for friction welding – simply contact us!

Rich Marinucci
Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative

Quality control

Process reliability

Increased productivity

Optimized resources

Products are simple to integrate


Precise measurements for the entire life of the sensor.

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