Computation and Simulation

Computation and Simulation

The Kistler Automotive GmbH simulation engineers are experienced partners for computational tasks in the fields of statics, dynamics, heat and forming technology. Take advantage of the extensive experience of our development engineers in simulating complex structural elements with non-linear structural behavior.

The FE analyses are primarily implemented in the fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, motorized equipment, consumer goods, and manufacturing.

DEFORM™ is a simulation software for forming processes, heat treatment, and machining. Kistler Automotive GmbH has been a distribution partner of DEFORM™ in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

FEM Services


FEM is a numerical system, which allows design variations to be analyzed and optimized while saving time and reducing costs. Who wouldn't like to take a look into the future? With the help of simulation, weaknesses can be identified before the structural element is manufactured.


FE simulation facilitates:

  • Shorter development times
  • Elimination of bad investments
  • Optimization of component geometries, assembly processes and manufacturing processes
  • Help in searching for potential solutions in the event of component failure


Our simulation engineers are experienced partners in the following fields of application:

  • Range of Services
  • Structural Analyses
  • Contact Analyses
  • Thermal Analyses
  • Dynamics
  • Synthetics, Elastomers
  • Applications in the Field of Forming