Accurate Pressure Sensors and Easy-to-Handle Diagnostic Equipment for Large Engines

Cylinder pressure plays a key part in monitoring 2- and 4-stroke engines. No other parameter provides such meaningful information that can be used in so many ways: to optimize maintenance intervals, detect damage ahead of time, ensure compliance with emission limits and minimize fuel consumption – to name but a few examples.

Advantages of Kistler offline cylinder pressure monitoring:

  • Sensors are quickly mounted on the indicator valve for periodic measurements
  • High-precision sensors with long-term stability deliver high-quality measurement data
  • Diagnostic equipment that is easy to handle
  • Rugged sensors that withstand high operating temperatures

Safety and reliability are paramount whenever large engines are in operation. Simply contact us!

Sue Orlowski
Sue Orlowski
Sales Representative

Detect damage at an early stage

Optimize maintenance intervals

Ensure compliance with emission limits

Simple cylinder balancing

Optimize fuel consumption


Precise measurements throughout the lifetime of the sensor.

Our experts are happy to assist and advise.

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