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Cylinder Pressure Sensors from the Global Leader – Reliable, Precise, Cost-Efficient

If there is one key factor in monitoring large engines, it is cylinder pressure. Constant measurement of this parameter is the only source of reliable information on the combustion process that is crucial for continuous optimization – the bedrock for cost-effective and safe engine operation. This critical task calls for sustainable, solid state-of-the-art technology to ensure compliance with statutory emission limits. So play safe – choose Kistler measuring technology. Sensors and measuring chains from Kistler are rugged, durable and easy to handle. These products deliver stable, continuous service and allow for flexible maintenance routines.

Continuous Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring

Rugged piezoelectric sensors and measuring chains from Kistler deliver high-precision data for continuous operational monitoring of large engines.

Offline – Engine Diagnostics
Offline – Engine Diagnostics

Cylinder pressure plays a key part in monitoring 2- and 4-stroke engines.

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Reliable measurement solutions are becoming ever more important in the globally networked economy.
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