Automotive Research and Test

In the Automotive Research & Test division, our specialists are working on vehicle dynamics & fatigue strength, marine and stationary engines, as well as engine research & development.

We are a strong partner that our customers can count on. Kistler products feature top-of-the-line technology and ensure that measuring results are highly precise from as early as the first trial. As a result, our customers are not only able to improve the vehicles of tomorrow in terms of vehicle dynamics and vehicle safety, but also make them more energy-efficient too.

The Automotive Research and Test division focuses on technological excellence and ensuring products are able to keep up with the requirements of the future, as well as process and operational reliability, process efficiency, and resource optimization. This allows us to create specialized solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Industrial Process Control

The Industrial Process Control division specializes in industrial test systems, plastics processing, NC joining systems, as well as process monitoring in joining and re-forming. In addition to standardized solutions, the IPC experts also develop customized applications.

System and application competence, service expertise, process reliability, resource optimization, and boosting productivity are the focus of this division, which is driven by the principles of constant improvement and making progress possible as a result.

Sensor Technology

The Sensor Technology division encompasses a wide variety of applications. Road & traffic, biomechanics, cutting force, short-term dynamics, as well as test & measurement. 

Transport monitoring using accurate traffic data is being improved thanks to innovative Kistler products. In sports diagnostics, Kistler force plates are being used to support the performance and rehabilitation of athletes. During cutting processes, sensors are delivering highly precise force measurements. High-pressure measurements can be taken reliably and dynamically. Our experts are paving the way with high-quality products so that our customers can set something big in motion.