Traffic Safety

Road traffic safety is an issue of ever-growing concern. Traffic is getting heavier and at the same time, road users' safety requirements are constantly on the increase. And yet there is less and less money available to protect infrastructure. Kistler supplies a variety of products that play a real part in enhancing road traffic safety:

  • Safe Cars Have Priority

Automobile manufacturers need to know how all the physical variables interact so that they can optimize the safety of their vehicles. Kistler offers a complete solution package to capture relevant measurement data for chassis development, optimize fatigue strength and assess dynamic driving characteristics – live on the road, or on the test stand.

  • Smart Dummies Enhance Safety

Crash tests have been a key factor in improving automobile traffic safety, and they have helped to slash the numbers of road accident victims. Requirements for crash tests are increasing all the time – and the same applies to the outlay involved for OEMs and their suppliers. Sensors, data acquisition and software: Kistler is the one-stop shop for all the necessary components and in this way, our firm makes a major contribution to the future success and control of crash tests.

  • Traffic Leaves its Traces

Overloaded vehicles vastly increase the pressure on roads and bridges. Precise traffic data is essential in order to plan maintenance, enforce load limits, levy tolls and collect statistics. Kistler's Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems measure the wheel and axle loads of traveling vehicles to deliver continuous traffic monitoring on roads and railways.

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