The NCFR Joining Module from Kistler

Stuttgart, 5 October 2015 – At the Motek 2015, Kistler will present its new NCFR Joining Module: as well as the classical linear joining process, this system can now perform a rotary movement of the ram, either sequentially or even simultaneously. These movements are monitored and controlled by integrated sensors on the NC joining module.

Kistler's electromechanical NC joining systems are coordinated systems with integrated force sensors and high-performance force-displacement evaluation. They provide end-to-end process monitoring and documentation for all measurements and process values. The measurement range covered
is wide – from 50 N to 600 kN – and the scope for potential applications is enormous. The launch of the new NCFR Joining Module marks the completion of Kistler's family of joining modules: with this innovative new module, joining processes can now be performed in combination with rotary movements.

Dynamic Drive Technology and High-Precision Sensors
The new NCFR Joining Module reflects the state of the art in joining process technology: with its integrated hollow-shaft servo motors, the module features compact dimensions and extremely low weight. This design offers excellent dynamic characteristics, creating the basis for dramatically reduced
cycle times. Integrated sensors continuously capture and evaluate force and displacement − as well as rotation angle and torque − with maximum precision, so 100% quality and control are ensured. The piezoelectric force sensor has two predefined measuring ranges to deliver high resolution; it also offers high overload capacity, especially in the small measuring range.

The joining process is monitored by maXYmos NC: activated via fieldbus, this monitoring system evaluates and documents XY profiles for joining and press-fit processes, together with the NCFR Joining Module and the IndraDrive servo amplifier that is included in the system. The patterns of measurement curves can be used to monitor and control the quality of a single production step, a sub-assembly or an entire product. The benefits: optimal cycle times can be achieved with maximum repeat accuracy, downtime is minimized and machine availability is increased – adding up to a remarkable boost in productivity for the manufacturing process.

NC joining systems with NCFR are fully tested systems that greatly simplify installation and handling: sequence programming is child's play, with parameterization on the PC or the touch panel. Even complex joining processes are simple to display thanks to sequencer mode. Depending on
requirements, practical sequence elements (e.g. various motions) can be used for the movements. The result: both linear and rotary movements can be programmed and controlled via events – flexibly, rapidly and easily, without intermediate stops.

One Module – Multiple Benefits
Like the entire family of NC joining modules, the NCFR Joining Module delivers a host of additional benefits for its users: thanks to the servo amplifiers used in the module, for instance, all traverse movements performed in assembly and product testing can be controlled with high precision. Another example: completely different components can be manufactured on one and the same machine, because all NC joining systems allow measuring ranges to be changed over, with easy switching between measuring programs.

And there are even more advantages: the system offers substantially higher efficiency than pneumatic or hydraulic processes. The savings potential of the electrical process is up to 77 % when compared to hydraulic systems and up to 90 % when compared with pneumatic process. Maintenance outlay for these systems is low – so users can save even more on their already low production
costs. Last but not least, the consistently simple operating philosophy of the maXYmos family makes setup fast and comfortable, and adjustments after commissioning are easy to perform.

Focusing on Cost-Efficient Operation
Alexander Müller, Product Manager for NC Joining Systems at Kistler, is utterly convinced by this innovative new development: "Maximum flexibility and excellent dynamics combined with simple operation mean that complex joining processes are mapped quickly and efficiently. Capacity utilization rates for plant are increased, and the commissioning and set-up phase is reduced to the minimum. And with its low energy consumption, the new NCFR Joining Module will help the automobile industry and the automotive supply sector to cut energy costs in series production. There's enormous market demand for both factors. Together, they create the basis for sustainable optimization
of resources, paving the way for cost-efficient operation in the long term."

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Media Contact
Simone Koch
Divisional Marketing Manager IPC
Phone +41 52 2241 802

User Contact
Alexander Müller
Product Manager, NC Joining Systems
Phone +49 7172 184 176

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