The Assembly Show

The vision of Industry 4.0 in sectors where technology is a strong driving force – such as the automotive industry – is becoming more relevant as time goes on, thanks to increased digitization and the growth of machine and system networking. Kistler is a leading provider of process monitoring systems and offers ideal solutions for networked production.

From 25 to 27 October Kistler (Booth 813) will showcase its latest product innovations at this year’s Assembly Show which takes place in Rosemont, IL, USA. The visitors can experience many outstanding examples of networking in automated production.

New Addition to Kistler's Portfolio: Electromechanical Joining Systems:

With the new NCFE electromechanical joining module (E stands for Economy) Kistler developed a solution specifically for the needs of plant manufacturers and operators of conventional power packs. Thanks to the NCFE – a pre-tested system with integrated process control – these user groups will benefit by saving time and money on developing their own systems. Kistler is also presenting its NCFR Joining Module – as well as the classical joining process, this system can perform a controlled rotary movement of the ram, either sequentially or even simultaneously.

The Latest Generation of Monitoring Systems: maXYmos TL 1.2 / BL 2.3

Visitors to Kistler’s stand can discover the latest generation of maXYmos monitoring systems. Their purpose: to deliver consistent process-integrated quality assurance. Now, maXYmos users can also measure multi-stage processes: this has been made possible by equipping the maXYmos TL 1.2 and BL 2.3 with a sequencer mode, in the same way as the successful maXYmos NC. Thanks to integrated sequence control, test processes can now be mapped with no need for costly external PLC programming.

The Rugged Sensor for Maximum Accuracy: 4503B Torque Sensor

The Type 4503B torque sensor which offers a wide range of additional functions will be presented at Kistler’s stand as well. It is the latest state-of-the-art in high-precision torque sensor technology. On this new sensor, for instance, optical speed and angle sensing has now been replaced by magnetic technology. This gives the sensor added resilience for reliable operation in heavily contaminated industrial environments – thereby saving valuable time on maintenance.

Bolted Joints: Safe and Reliable

Since 2016 Schatz GmbH is trading as part of the Kistler Group and can be visited on its own stand at the 2016 Assembly Show. Schatz operates internationally to develop and manufacture laboratory systems that analyze bolted connections, as well as calibration equipment, test systems for torque tools and measuring systems for random sample testing – so Kistler's customers now have access to specific application know-how in bolted joint technology.

Visitors can discover Kistler's new products from 25 to 27 October 2016 at our Booth 813.  

We’re looking forward to welcome you on our stand!

The Assembly Show
25.10.2016 - 27.10.2016
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Rosemont, IL, USA, Booth 813