K 2016

 The Industry 4.0. vision is already taking real shape in the injection molding sector. The focus is on consistent digitization and networking of machinery and systems – leading to enhanced product quality and increased cost-efficiency.

At this year's K Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Kistler will be showcasing the latest technologies that we have developed for networked production. See where to find us!

Efficiency Gains through Networking with ComoNeo 2.0 and ComoDataCenter 3.0


Thanks to the ComoNeo V2.0 Restart Assistant, established processes can be transferred from one machine to another with no problems. To ensure identical quality reproduction in the new machine, this intelligent tool suggests which parameters need specific changes.

ComoDataCenter 3.0 is also enhanced with attractive new features that make it easier to network data and improve the traceability of part quality. For instance, the CDC is now available for ComoNeo as well. ComoNeo and Como Injection are also linked to one another via one common database. Another new feature: mold management is now integrated.







RTM Sensor 4001: Now for High-Viscosity Resins Too!

Among the other product innovations presented by Kistler is the new RTM Sensor 4001, which is suitable for all RTM processes – and now it can be used with high-viscosity resins as well! Specifically developed for cavity pressure and temperature measurements, this sensor features an analog as well as a digital output. Rugged design and a long service lifetime make it ideal for use in industrial environments.

Handling Made Easy with the 1722 Multichannel Connector

The 1722 multichannel connector will also be premiered at the K Trade Fair. This new connector is simpler to handle because it ensures that single-wire cables are even easier to connect; in addition, it affords better protection against contamination and vibrations. 

More Precision, Easy Installation: 6185 Sleeved Sensor

The new 6185 sleeved sensor has a frontal diameter of only 2 mm, making it ideal for use with extremely small components. This sensor is insensitive to the position in which it is installed. Its design prevents lateral forces downstream of the sensor installation from falsifying the measurement results.

Visit us at K 2016, on stand B73 in hall 11, and see for yourself how we are playing our part in networked production – in the spirit of Industry 4.0. Together with our partners, we’ll show you how ComoDataCenter gives you central monitoring and control of different production facilities. And you’ll see for yourself how our new ComoNeo system delivers perfect control of injection molding.


We're looking forward to your visit!

K 2016
19.10.2016 - 26.10.2016
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