General Assembly of the CIRP

The International Academy for Production Engineering, otherwise known as CIRP, is the world's leading organization for scientific research into state-of-the-art production and technology. At CIRP's AGM, international representatives from the field of research and development come together in Lugano (Switzerland) to present the fruits of their scientific work and discuss current industry trends.

Kistler is due to present the LabAmp 5167A to AGM attendees who are visiting the accompanying exhibition. The new, multi-channel charge amplifier with quasi-static measuring capability and integrated data acquisition function boasts an intuitive user interface and is suited to a wide range of applications, from measuring individual forces to taking dynamometer measurements.

The Swiss measuring system experts will also be showcasing the dynamometer type 9129.  This instrument fulfills all the requirements in terms of accuracy and dynamics, as well as the requirement for incredibly high rigidity. Furthermore, it is compact and can easily be installed directly in the machine. Thanks to the piezo technology that it uses, the measuring range and the resolution can be adapted to the task at hand without affecting the stability of the system.

20.08.2017 - 26.08.2017
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Lugano, Switzerland

Kim Hofhansel
Marketing Assistant
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