ECSS Annual Congress 2019

Visit Kistler at the Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) 2019, to take place from July 3 to 6 in Prague. During the congress exhibition, we will hold a workshop about our advanced double force plate system KiJump and its latest software MARS 5.0. Tom Bernhard, Athletics Coach from FC Basel 1893, will give insights on how to use the force plates in practice, complemented by a live demonstration and further use cases.

New findings in sport and kinesiology are usually based on technology and research. In order to analyze specific movements, precise knowledge of force development over time is key. Kistler force plates use piezoelectric sensors to measure forces and moments, so the results are accurate and reliable even under demanding conditions.

Compare and evaluate performances at a glance with KiJump

KiJump is a versatile performance diagnostics system applied in sports and rehabilitation. It consists of two portable force plates to measure vertical ground forces for every leg separately to detect potential imbalances. The system also includes two high-speed cameras for visual feedback. The measurement, analysis and reporting software MARS complements KiJump, as it translates measuring results to images and graphs, thereby allowing for a direct visualization of the complete analysis of the force plate measurements. This function has now been improved through vector graphics that enable you to evaluate the measured forces at-a-glance.

From science to practice: how force plates help to develop young soccer players

Individual development and prevention play a key role especially for young athletes. As such performance analysis and load management take an important part when it is about efficient planning of training sessions. Thomas Bernhard, Sports Scientist and Head of Strength and Conditioning in the FC Basel 1893 Academy, will present insights about the role of force data in training planning and return-to-play decisions within his organization. The workshop session will conclude with a practical demonstration of the force plates usage and the new MARS 5.0 software including the new vector overlay feature.

The ECSS is a platform for sports scientists and researchers to learn from and contribute to latest developments in sports and exercise.

ECSS Annual Congress 2019
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Prague, Czech Republic
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