Passion for Technology

Technological challenges are the force that drives our company ahead. Our declared aspiration: to apply the right technologies to meet every customer's requirements. This mindset ensures that we shall always be one step ahead of our competitors.

Coasting along means falling behind – especially where cutting-edge technologies are concerned. To maintain and consolidate our technological leadership, we set up our own independent research and development department some years ago. Some 10% of our annual sales revenue is devoted to research and development.

About 190 employees work in Kistler's research and department at seven locations across the globe. Physicists, engineers with various specialisms, production technologists and highly qualified experts from different professional backgrounds ensure that the Kistler name is a watchword for innovation everywhere in the world.

Kistler's own crystal growing facility is at the heart of our R&D activities. Crystals that we have developed and grown ourselves display outstanding characteristics that open up possibilities for applications of measurement technology on the frontiers of physics.

Technological leadership is only possible thanks to collaboration with leading universities and colleges. For many years, Kistler has cultivated good relations and close cooperation with numerous R&D institutes across the globe.

Research and Development

Kistler deploys a diverse range of measuring technologies – and we can offer the right measuring technology for every application … learn more

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