Innovation and Partnership

One Step ahead through Innovation

At Kistler, we act as entrepreneurs and draw on our energy and creativity to embark in new and unconventional directions. As innovation leaders, we seize on overarching trends and transform them into groundbreaking measurement technology solutions and products. Close relationships with our customers give us the certainty that innovations from Kistler are fully in line with market needs.

Virtually every Kistler product is developed by our own engineers and is manufactured in one of the Kistler Group's Production Centers. Thanks to our high level of vertical production integration, our customers know they can rely on our products to deliver top quality – because they are manufactured by us, in our own plants. This is especially true of our own crystal growing facility that supplies high-grade crystals for our sensor technology.

Acute quality awareness combined with innovative solutions for our customers are the factors that underpin the Kistler Group's success. The many customers who have remained loyal to us over the years are the best proof of our track record.

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