Values and Visions

Values and Visions

Technological challenges, inspiration and innovative strength were the motivating forces that prompted the establishment of the Kistler company. When the founders of Kistler Instrumente AG first paved the way for the development of Kistler's unique sensor technology, they were driven by the urgent need for precise measurements of combustion pressure in cylinders in order to optimize the diesel engines built by the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works (SLM). From then on, Kistler evolved from a mere supplier of components into a strong partner for industry and science as it took on the conceptual design and production of complex measuring systems. We regard ourselves not merely as a supplier, but as a system partner that increasingly shoulders responsibility for our customers' processes.

The values that shaped Kistler's early development continue to be the group's hallmarks today. Kistler's success is underpinned by a shared vision of the constant, ongoing development of dynamic measuring technology. We are driven by each individual's passion for technology and our determination to work innovatively with all our partners so as to remain at the forefront of measuring technology. The result is that our decisions, activities and products play a not inconsiderable part in progress for the human race and our environment.

Our Values

The Kistler Group's success is underpinned by a business model that is consistently implemented, together with a shared understanding of values:

Passion for Technology

One Step ahead through Innovation

Commitment to Environment and Human Progress

Success as a Team

Our awards

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