Awards and Virtual Patent Marking

A Host of Awards

The Kistler Group's outstanding commercial success delivers telling proof of our competitiveness. But specific Kistler projects, products and individuals have also achieved renown, as attested by a wide variety of awards.

Job Creation Award for the Winterthur Region (2016)


TOP JOB Award (2016)

Awarded to the best employers among Germany’s medium-sized businesses

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Handling Award (2015)

Handling and Assembly Category

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ASCO Award Gold (2015)

Best corporate transformation in Switzerland

TOP 100 Seal of Approval (2015)

Awarded to the 100 most innovative medium-sized businesses in Germany

General Electric Award (2014)

Innovation & Technology

In the second Place, Job Creation Award for the Winterthur Region (2014)

Entrepreneur of the Year for CEO Rolf Sonderegger (2013)

TopJob (2012)

SAP Quality Award (2012)

Job Creation Award for the Winterthur Region (2012)

Red Dot Design Award (2009) for the KiBox

Swiss Venture Club (SVC) Prize for Entrepreneurship in the Zurich Economic Region (2006)