Attention to Every Detail

During more than 50 years' experience as manufacturers of high-precision sensors, we have learned to pay the greatest attention to the very smallest details. Even when operating on the frontiers of physics, our measuring technology delivers exact results.

These measurement results are processed and evaluated so that our customers can draw the right conclusions from them. Our engineers and experts are thoroughly familiar with our customers' application areas, and they speak our customers' language.

The knowledge gained often prompts customers to develop their own innovations, thereby strengthening their competitive edge. But we too are committed to innovation. Our determination to be the first to launch new products and solutions on the market drives us ahead, day after day.

Recent years have seen the Kistler Group's evolution from a sensor manufacturer to a system partner. Together with our customers, we intend to continue growing.

Our Values

The Kistler Group's success is underpinned by a business model that is consistently implemented, together with a shared understanding of values:

Passion for Technology

Leading through Innovation

Committed to People and the Environment

Success through Teamwork

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