8th International Conference on Weigh In Motion

On the 8th international conference on Weigh In Motion (WIM) in Prague (May 19 to 23, 2019), Kistler will present the new WIM system KiTraffic Statistics including the world’s first subsurface sensor Lineas Compact. Also on board: KiTraffic Plus for direct enforcement and the new service Road Analysis.

The conference organized by the International Society for Weigh In Motion comes back to Europe after stopping by in Brazil (2016) and the USA (2012) lately. The programme will cover all aspects of Weigh In Motion such as WIM technologies, standards and specifications, data quality and many others both in a theoretical and hands-on way. Lectures and workshops are combined with the presence of leading Weigh In Motion manufacturers and providers showing their solutions and services.

World's first subsurface WIM sensors

Kistler will be on site with its own booth starting from Sunday 19th May. Sales engineers and experts are going to demonstrate the new Weigh In Motion solution KiTraffic Statistics, an integrated, prewired system to easily gain an overview of road usage and vehicle weight patterns. Its new Lineas Compact sensors are installed below the road surface and protected by a special epoxy grout, delivering a new level of robustness and durability.

KiTraffic Statistics: benefits at a glance

  • Vehicle detection and classification, including weight data
  • Wide measuring ranges for speed as well as weight
  • Sensors are installed quickly and easily in the road paving
  • Longer lifetimes thanks to innovative sensor installation below the road surface
  • Unique, tried-and-tested quartz sensor technology
  • Excellent cost-to-benefit ratio

Direct enforcement and weigh-based tolling with KiTraffic Plus

For applications demanding higher accuracy like preselection of overloaded vehicles and direct weight enforcement, Kistler offers the complete WIM system KiTraffic Plus. It delivers everything you need to automatically collect fees or tolls depending on vehicle loads, also including camera systems for vehicle identification. To ensure maximum accuracy of your Weigh in Motion system, please also check out the new Road Analysis service from Kistler – helping you to find the best site depending on road quality.

Just getting started with Weigh In Motion

We look forward to meeting you at the ICWIM conference in Prague this spring! Get to know the new WIM systems KiTraffic Statistics and KiTraffic Plus as well as the all-new Road Analysis service – enabling easy access to your Weigh In Motion success!

8th International Conference on Weigh In Motion
19.05.2019 - 23.05.2019
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Prague. Czech Republic
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Tomas Pospisek
Tomas Pospisek
Sales Representative
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