Trainings: plastics / 9966B28-KA-PLA

Injection molding can be improved sustainably with in-cavity pressure sensors and process monitoring from Kistler.


In modern plastics processing and injection molding, knowledge is a key factor for success. We are your companion on the road to plastics excellence: with support from the Kistler Academy, you will be able to reach your ambitious goals. Max out your return on investment by boosting employee expertise to make use of Kistler technology to the full extent.
Main features / advantages
  • First-hand knowledge from the inventor of cavity pressure sensors
  • Comprehensive and structured content delivered in a targeted manner
  • Many practical examples explained by experienced application engineers
  • Hands-on demo at the injection molding machine
  • State-of-the-art know-how reflecting the latest technology trends
  • Modular training program from beginners to experts
  • Training organization certified by DIN/ISO 21001
Education and training are key innovation drivers in successful companies. In our dedicated product training courses, we teach your employees to unleash the full potential of Kistler technology. We help you to comprehend the basic principles of a state-of-the-art injection molding process – from sensor installation to operation of the ComoNeo process monitoring system all the way to efficient data management and analytics. The Kistler Academy is an ISO-certified training organization. Its modular, knowledge-based training concept allows the participants to increase their skills and better understand the scientific background of injection molding. This makes it a real game changer in plastics processing – enhancing know-how and control while at the same time increasing product quality and process efficiency. We offer our customers specialized training on three different levels: from basics to advanced methods all the way to the expert level. Highly specialized training courses address new challenges of data management in the injection molding environment in particular. Here you can learn how to manage your system suppliers efficiently and acquire the process data you really need – bridging the gap between process and data experts.