Positive Order Trend

Winterthur, September 27, 2016 – The Kistler Group reported incoming orders worth CHF 233.3 million at the end of August 2016 and has therefore seen growth of 8.4 % compared to the same period in the previous year, or 5.6 % when adjusted for currency effects. The opening of the new German headquarters in Sindelfingen has laid the foundations for further growth. Moreover, with the acquisition of the Schatz Group, Kistler is expanding its range of industrial applications in the field of screw technology.

After stagnation was recorded in Asia last year, the Asian market is now experiencing a fresh period of growth. Kistler's products for developing and testing new generations of vehicles are also in high demand in Europe and America. The prospects for the remain-der of this year continue this positive trend. The growing demands for automotive safety and more restrictive emissions legislation are providing the Kistler Group with a favorable environment for the use of its products.

Innovations and Success Stories

The key term 'Industry 4.0' is set to dominate the industrial automation sector in the fu-ture. Modern industrial automation will require more intensive investments to be made in quality assurance in the future. Kistler sees opportunities for further growth in this area. Innovations are being driven forward with a focus on developing further from a compo-nent manufacturer to a strong partner for industry and research. This is also evident in the diverse number of success stories that Kistler reports from around the world. One example of this is the new product from the Sensor Technology Division, PAS-S, which made quite a splash at the Paralympic Games in Rio:

British Swimming Team Wins 47 Medals at the Paralympics
The Paralympic swimming team from Great Britain used the Kistler Performance Analysis System for Swimming, Starts and Turns (PAS-S) to prepare for the Paralympic Games in Rio. It definitely paid off: Between September 7 and 18, the team won a grand total of 47 medals: 16 gold, 16 silver, and 15 bronze. For Rob Greenwood, National Head Coach, the PAS-S supplies objective data. Information such as the take-off force at the start can therefore be passed on to the athletes and optimized during the training session. 'Para-lympic athletes have to train differently due to their various disabilities,' says Chris Furber, National Performance Director. This is why he believes that PAS-S is the world's top performance analysis kit: simple and at the same time effective to use. In view of the increasing competition in Paralympic swimming, this results in some crucial advantages.

Capacity Limits Reached in Winterthur
Since the end of last year, 35.3 new positions have been created at the headquarters in Winterthur and 83.5 globally. In Winterthur, there are still 34 positions to be filled and 114 positions worldwide. In the last few months, this has led Kistler to place targeted adver-tisements in selected journals and online channels in order to attract the attention of the urgently required experts, graduates, and students. Due to the rate at which Kistler is growing, this number is likely to increase slightly in the coming months, despite the re-cruitment of new employees. This presents the headquarters in Winterthur with a chal-lenge, as the capacity limits will already have been reached by the end of the year. As a result, various courses of action are therefore being planned internally.

Prepared for the Future in Germany
The new German headquarters were opened in May in the town of Sindelfingen. The former sites at Ostfildern and Schönaich were brought together under one roof, which made it possible to optimize and accelerate numerous processes and procedures. This step is also intended to increase the number of services offered to customers, and the physical proximity to the automotive industry will therefore offer many advantages. 180 people are currently employed at the new headquarters. There is certainly room for ex-pansion, as the new build is designed for 300 people.

Acquisition Offers New Opportunities
In May 2016, the Kistler Group was able to announce the acquisition of the Schatz Group, to which Schatz AG in Remscheid (DE) and the sales and service company Schatz USA, Inc. in Holly (MI) also belong. This acquisition presents the Kistler Group with new potential applications in quality assurance in industrial manufacturing. It also represents a further step in Kistler's overall growth strategy. The aim is to cover further applications with these measuring technologies and to offer an increasing number of systems as well as targeted services. CEO Rolf Sonderegger sees a positive future for the Kistler Group: 'As a company, we are in a strong position. With the construction of our new headquarters in Germany and the acquisition of the Schatz Group, we have taken important steps in preparing for future growth.'

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    Kistler’s Performance Analysis System Prepares Swimmers for the Rio Olympics
    Kistler makes the difference in the crucial sports moments with its Performance Analysis System for Swimming.
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    我们的产品和系统可以测量人类器官感觉不到的微小物理变化。这意味着我们关注的焦点是非常小的细节 – 因为重大成就总是始于一个小的开端。
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    New piezoelectric dynamometer measures large forces in high-performance cutting.
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    Acute Sensitivity at the Test System with Kistler Force-Displacement Monitoring
    Measurement Solutions for Automotive Test Systems
    Parkour: Load Test for the Joints
    A fascinating TV report on the trendy sport ‘Parkour’ – with Kistler force plates playing a hidden but...
    Reproducible Quality with Kistler Force-Displacement Monitoring
    Quality Assurance in Industrial Production
    奇石乐展出用于分析注塑成型过程的CoMo DataCenter 2.0 通过存档和评估CoMo Injection系统的生产数据为优化质量保证提供更多选项
    广州,2015年5月20日 – 在2015年Chinaplas展会上(5月20-23日),奇石乐将展出新型CoMo DataCenter 2.0(CDC)用于注塑成型过程中的数据管理和分析。CDC补充了Kistler...
    Zero defects are the basis for lean production
    Quality Assurance in the Automotive Industry
    First WIM System to Obtain OIML Certification
    Kistler Lineas® strip sensors are now OIML-certified for low to medium-speed vehicle weighing
    Kistler at the Sensor + Test 2015
    Easily integrating piezoelectric measurement signals into commonly used software and hardware platforms
    Kistler View 2015
    Kistler partners with OEMs and keeps the finger on the pulse of Industry 4.0
    CoMo DataCenter 2.0 at the NPE in Florida
    Kistler presents CoMo DataCenter 2.0 for Analyzing Injection Molding Processes
    Highest Measurement Accuracy for Engine Indication on the Test Bench
    Kistler is launching a compact uncooled M8 cylinder pressure sensor for the engine test bench
    奇石乐的maXYmos NC系统为机电数控压装系统设立了新标准
    Spick and span with 100 % quality
    How Brose improves the quality of its two-component production and automatically separates defective parts
    Process-reliable series production and cost efficiency
    At NPE 2015 Kistler will be presenting solutions for zero-defect production, process monitoring and data...
    奇石乐集团突破 3 亿大关
    奇石乐集团 2014 年的销售额达到 3.19亿瑞士法郎,与上一年度相比增长了 12%。
    奇石乐将于2015 SIAF展会上展出maXYmos系列高级版产品
    Rotating Dynamometer for High-Performance Cutting
    Kistler expands its range of RCDs with the new Type 9171A rotating dynamometer for use in high-performance...
    奇石乐集团追求的是进取和可持续增长的策略– 战略收购是该策略的核心要素之一。这意味着,奇石乐考虑和选择一些企业合作,可以实现更高的目标。2006 年对 Dr. Staiger Mohilo& Co. GmbH...
    仅用一个油箱的燃料航行 40 亿英里
    在太阳系飞行了十年之后,Rosetta 航天器于 2014 年 11 月 12 日将探测器 Philae 发射到“Chury”彗星上。为了避免探测器在 40...
    Enhanced precision: Kistler showcases new torque sensors
    New product developments for dynamic measuring technology at the Kistler booth at SPS IPC Drives 2014
    Kistler Presents CoMo DataCenter 2.0 for Analyzing Injection Molding Processes
    Wide range of options for optimizing the quality assurance through documenting and evaluating production data...
    Cost-efficiency of injection molding, mass production of lightweight components as well as documentation and evaluation of production data are the focus for Internation-al Plastics Fair 2014
    New COPQ tool, reproducible mass production of lightweight structures and analysis of Injection Molding...
    Kistler showcases solutions for precise control and monitoring of production processes at The Assembly Show
    Users obtain a full range of force–displacement measurement systems from one source
    Programmable sequence control for integrated quality assurance
    At Motek 2014 Kistler will be presenting advanced versions of its proven maXYmos product family
    Kistler is setting new standards for electromechanical NC joining systems with the maXYmos NC
    Extending the maXYmos product range to control and monitor production processes and quality assurance
    Sensors and Electronics for Extreme Conditions.
    At Sensor + Test 2014 Kistler is presenting many new features from the field of measurement electronics in...
    Kistler showcases solutions for precise control and monitoring of production processes at Automatica 2014
    Users obtain a full range of force–displacement measurement systems from one source
    Kistler Group continues on growth course
    The Kistler Group achieved sales of 285 million CHF in 2013, thus marking a slight growth in comparison with...
    Change to Kistler Group’s business field management
    Dr.-Ing. Oliver Schnerr, Head of Sales of the Industrial Process Control (IPC) division, hands over the...
    Kistler presents innovations in process reliability through integrated quality control at SPS IPC Drives
    From flexible torque sensors to complete test stands for highly-efficient electric drives
    Miniature Cavity Pressure Sensors Now With Exchangeable Cables For Easy Maintenance
    1 mm pressure sensor Type 6183C with a new design
    Cavity Pressure Sensors for More Transparency in Composite Production
    Monitoring, open- and closed-loop control of RTM and SMC processes
    End-to-End Process Monitoring of Molded Class A Surfaces
    New longitudinal measuring pin for non-contact cavity pressure measuring
    SENSOR+TEST 2013: Acceleration sensors for heavy-duty applications
    Kistler Goes Beyond Limits: Acceleration sensors for heavy-duty applications at the SENSOR+TEST 2013
    Kistler Goes Beyond Limits
    Kistler Goes Beyond Limits: High-tech sensors for heavy-duty applications at the SENSOR+TEST 2013
    Kistler Group Turnover Rises to 279 million Swiss Francs
    In 2012, the Kistler Group reached a record turnover of 279 million Swiss francs with an increase in turnover...
    Kistler Group and MTS Cooperate to Enhance the Road Simulation Experience
    Kistler Group, a leading global provider of sensors for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration,...
    Kistler auf der SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2012 in Nürnberg: 100 % Qualität durch Drehmomentmessung in Produktprüfung und Prüfstandstechnik
    Kistler präsentiert auf der Fachmesse SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nürnberg (24. bis 26. November 2012) am Stand 4A-451...
    Fakuma News: New Strain Transmitter Offers Effective Mold Protection for High-Speed Injection Molding Machines
    At the Fakuma trade show in Friedrichshafen/Germany (from 16 until 20 October, 2012), Kistler will present a...
    Fakuma News: New Cavity Pressure Sensor for RTM Makes Composite Production More Transparent
    At the Fakuma trade show in Friedrichshafen/Germany (from 16 until 20 October, 2012) Kistler will present its...
    Fakuma News: Achieving 100 % Quality Injection Molding Even Faster with New Features for the CoMo Injection Process Monitoring System
    The new firmware upgrade V2.4 for Kistler's CoMo Injection process monitoring system offers better...
    Kistler at Motek 2012 in Stuttgart: maXYmos XY Monitors for In-Process Quality Monitoring and Product Testing to Achieve 100 % Quality in Joining and Assembly
    Stand 5535, Hall 5 of the Motek trade fair in Stuttgart (October 8th – 11th 2012): Kistler will be in...
    Kistler Group Continues to Expand
    Kistler Group continues to expand: revenues up 20 %, strengthening of customer-specific development capacities...
    Kistler Gruppe weiterhin auf Expansionskurs
    Kistler Gruppe weiterhin auf Expansionskurs: Umsatzsteigerung um 20 %, Stärkung der kundenspezifischen...
    DTI Technology Now at Kistler
    With the acquisition of the DTI Technology ("Digital Transducer Interface") from Hentschel System GmbH,...
    Kistler Gruppe erwirbt "Digital Transducer Interface Technologie" (DTI)
    Mit dem Erwerb der DTI-Technologie ("Digital Transducer Interface") von der Hentschel System GmbH, Hannover,...
    Kistler at Automatica 2012 in Munich: In-Process Quality Monitoring and Product Testing for 100% Quality in Joining and Assembly
    At the Automatica Trade Fair, which will take place from 22 through 24 May, 2012 in Munich/Germany, Kistler...
    Kistler Goes Beyond the Limits: High-Tech Sensors for Heavy-Duty Applications Presented at SENSOR+TEST 2012
    Kistler sensors and systems deliver an impressive performance where products from other suppliers come to...
    Kistler Supports CIRP Conference on High Performance Cutting in Zurich
    CIRP focuses on cutting because this method of machining components is one of the key production processes.
    Kistler at MEDTEC Europe 2012: 100 % Quality with Process Monitoring for Injection Molding, Assembly and Product Inspection
    In-process quality assurance solutions made by Kistler Group have proven their high efficiency for...
    Kistler Group Remains on Growth Path with Sales of 235 Million Swiss Francs, Continuing Healthy Order Book and Acquisition of Another Company
    Despite difficult conditions, with sales growth over 11 % Kistler still achieved a sound result in 2011.
    Kistler at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 in Nuremberg: 100 % Quality Through Measuring Torque in Product Testing and on Test Stands
    On Stand 4A-451 in Hall 4A of the SPS/IPC/DRIVES exhibition from 22 to 24 November 2011 in Nuremberg, Kistler...
    Flexible and Maintenance-free, Precise and Digital: The new KiTorq Torque Measuring Flange from Kistler
    By designing a measuring unit and an evaluation unit as separate assemblies, and introducing modular...
    Kistler Launches World First at Fakuma 2011: Automatic Online Prediction of Quality of Injection Molded Parts
    This year's Fakuma sees Kistler showing a system for online prediction of the quality of injection molded...
    New Features in CoMo Injection Process Monitoring System Make 100 % Injection Molding Quality Even Easier to Achieve
    Kistler brings the quality-minded injection molder another substantial step closer to zero-defect production.
    XY Monitor maXYmos BL now with Enhanced Functions and PC Software for Analyzing and Documenting Process Data
    As an XY monitor for process monitoring and product testing, the maXYmos BL Type 5867A… from Kistler has...
    Cleanroom Compatible NC Joining Module NCFT for Small Joining and Test Forces with Cable Free Signal Transmission
    Telemetric transmission of the force signal without having to rely on a cable, and suitability for use in...
    Reasonably Priced NC Joining Module NCFB Now with Additional Measuring Ranges of 15 kN and 5 kN
    Kistler is expanding its selection of electromechanical NC joining modules NCFB Type 2160A… with versions...
    Higher Quality and Better Utilization
    HEWI and its Customers Benefit from Cavity Pressure Technology
    Balda Medical Monitors Cavity Pressure
    End-to-end process monitoring for critical medical moldings
    Sensors stop cost spiral
    Cavity pressure measurement eliminates short shots at Fischer GmbH & Co KG of Sinsheim/Germany
    Kistler Group on a Steady Course for Growth with Orders Up 50 %
    The Kistler Group based in Winterthur, Switzerland, looks back on a successful 2010 financial year with sales...
    High-Sensitivity, Miniature Triaxial K-Beam® MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Family
    Kistler, worldwide supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of...
    High-Sensitivity, Single Axis K-Beam® MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer
    Kistler, worldwide supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of...
    New Generation of Triaxial PiezoBeam® Accelerometer
    Kistler's new generation of triaxial PiezoBeam® accelerometer Type 8688A(x) offers best-in-class sensitivity...
    Kistler and STASA develop an automatic method for the prognosis of injection molded part quality
    Swiss company Kistler Instrumente AG of Winterthur is the leading international supplier of sensors and...
    New Press Force Sensor Type 9393A… for 0 … 700 kN
    The new press force sensor Type 9393A… extends the successful Press Force series of sensors to a measuring...
    World' First: Kistler Presents Unique Combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor with Front Diameter of Just 1 mm for Injection Molding
    With the new combined pressure and temperature sensor Type 6188A… Kistler establishes another milestone in the...
    New DAQ-System with DynoWare Acquisition and Evaluation Software Offers High Sampling Rate and USB Connection
    Kistler has developed its new data acquisition (DAQ) system Type 5697A… for recording data in R&D laboratory...
    Kistler's Lorch Production Site Commissions New Calibration Unit for Torque Sensors and Torque Systems
    Kistler has commissioned an additional calibration unit for torque sensors on its Lorch production site.
    Three Acquisitions Complete Kistler Range of Vehicle Measurement Systems
    As a development partner of the automobile industry the Kistler Group aims to provide vehicle manufacturers...
    Kistler Group Awarded Major Contract in India
    The Kistler Group has been awarded the contract for instrumentation of three crash centers for the Indian...
    Kistler involved in winter testing: expert support during test runs under extreme conditions
    In order to optimise processes inside an engine, it is extremely important to have a true picture of the...
    New Reasonably Priced Basic Line Torque Sensor with Contactfree Signal Transmission
    New Type 4520A... Basic Line provides a cost-effective torque sensor based upon strain gage technology.
    Kistler Extends its Successful Series of Press Force Sensors
    The well established Kistler press force sensors are based on the piezoelectric measuring principle.
    Joining in Extremely Confined Spaces with New Electromechanical NC Joining Module NCFS
    Successful automation of joining processes where room is at a premium and joining stations closely spaced...
    Kistler Group Acquires KT Automotive GmbH
    The Kistler Group acquired KT Automotive GmbH based in Munich, Germany, in an all-stock transaction on 22...
    CoMo Injection with MultiFlow Balances Hot-Runner Molds on Basis of Cavity Pressure
    The curve of cavity pressure during injection molding is the critical process variable for evaluating part...
    Kistler CAD Download Service Brings Sensors and Electronics Straight into Design
    To allow direct incorporation of Kistler products into CAD designs, the Kistler CAD Download Service offers...
    Kistler Group Acquires Corrsys-Datron Sensorsysteme GmbH
    The Kistler Group has acquired Corrsys-Datron Sensorsysteme GmbH based in Wetzlar, Germany, in an all-stock...
    Kistler Engaged in Long-term Testing of the Dresden Measuring Tram
    The roll-out of the world's first measuring tram took place in Dresden, Germany, on 5 March with the handover...
    Kistler Group Takes Over MSC Automotive GmbH
    The Kistler Group took over MSC Automotive GmbH based in Schwieberdingen, Germany, in an all-stock transaction...
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