For Clean-Cut Results: All-Round Process Monitoring for Fracture Splitting

Comprehensive process monitoring is essential to guarantee optimal fracture splitting. Piezoelectric sensors and monitoring systems from Kistler keep constant track of fracture splitting.

1-4-Channel Charge Amplifier, adjustable Range up to 1000000 pC

Type 5073A

analogue amplifier for industrial application


  • Open measuring range 100 pC … 1000000 pC
  • Bandwidth ≈ 0 kHz up to 20 kHz
  • *Connector BNC / TNC / D-Sub 9p/15p
  • *Output Voltage / Current
  • Control via IO / RS232


1-Channel Piezotron® Coupler for Acoustic Emission

Type 5125C...

Acoustic Emission Coupler to be used with 8152C... sensor. Built-in RMS converter and limit monitor, plug-in filter modules, rugged case, vibration-proof construction, CE compliant. IS/ATEX options available.

Surface Strain Transmitter, με ±800

Type 9238B

robust sensor with integrated digital charge amplifier, perfect for indirect force measurement on structural parts


  • Dimensions (L / B / H) 68.1 / 26.9 / 27.5 mm
  • Connector M12 8p.
  • Output analogue Voltage / RS232
  • Overload proof