Electromechanical NC Joining Systems from Kistler: for Reliable Monitoring and Control of Press-Fit and Joining Processes

Kistler's sensors, measuring chains, monitors, evaluation units and NC joining systems are typically used in the automobile industry and the automotive supply sector, e.g. for assembling engines or transmissions. Kistler's portfolio includes the maXYmos family – making us the only provider to offer a complete family of products with a uniform operating philosophy for tasks ranging from XY process monitoring all the way through to extended control of NC joining modules.

Vaclav Kaspar
Sales Representative
Vaclav Kaspar

NC Joining Module NCFN - Standard Design for Medium to High Forces

Type 2153A

The joining modules have an integrated strain gage force sensor and nominal joining forces from 5 to 300 kN. Due to its modular design suitable for many joining operations.

NC Joining Module NCFS - for Joining with Small Center Distance

Type 2152B

The slim joining module with integrated piezoelectric force sensor and two predefined measuring ranges (25 kN, 15 kN) is suitable for very close spacing.

maXYmos NC - more than Monitoring

Type 5847B0

The maXYmos NC controls, monitors, evaluates and documents XY-characteristics of joining and press-fit operations in combination with joining modules and the servo amplifier.

Read more about maXYmos here.

NC Joining Module NCFT - for Processes with Low Forces

Type 2157B

The joining module with a piezoelectric force sensor and predefined measuring ranges from 0.05 kN to 1.5 kN is suitable for low joining and test forces.

Servo Amplifier IndraDrive C and Accessories

Type 2180A

For each joining module a suitable servo amplifier package is available. It consists of the components power section, control unit and firmware.

DIM Cable Extender

Type 1200A163

The DIM Cable Extender Type 1200A163 is used as an

active cable extension (> 5 m) between maXYmos TL

Type 5877B…, maXYmos NC Type 5847B0… measurement

modules and the maXYmos DIM Type 5877AZ000 display.