For Perfect Turning: Cutting Force Measurement for Turning Processes with Kistler

Measuring the cutting forces in turning processes always pays off. To optimize measurements of the cutting force and the other force components, the tool is clamped onto a stationary dynamometer that operates on the basis of piezoelectric technology.

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3-Component Measuring System for Turning up to 3 kN

Type 9119A

Modular measuring system based on the dynamometer Type 9119AA2. Thanks to the utilization of high-sensitive sensors, even smallest forces can be measured precisely.

Modular Multi-Channel Laboratory Charge Amplifier

Type 5080A

The universal, modular high-end charge amplifier for up to 8 amplifier modules with charge input features an analog 6-component summing calculator.

Data Acquisition System for up to 28 channels

Type 5697A

Universal data acquisition system in combination with DynoWare. Connection to PC via USB. Acquisition of up to 28 channels. Control of all Kistler laboratory amplifiers.