Cylinder Pressure Measurement Cuts Fuel Consumption

Kistler boosts the efficiency and reliability of large marine and stationary engines through monitoring and control of the combustion process.

90% of all goods transported are traversing the world's oceans every day in container ships, tankers and freighters.1 Marine cargo transport offers a green alternative to road and air transportation, but even on the high seas boosting efficiency and sustainable optimization of resource usage are key concerns. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a target of achieving a 10% increase in the efficiency of new ships by 2020, and CO2 emissions per tonne are to be cut by 20% across the entire industry.2 Today's shipping industry has to meet ever-greater business expectations and increasingly stricter regulatory requirements. One response to this has been more widespread use of a cutting edge engine technology that allows active control of the combustion process - closed loop combustion control (CLCC). Whenever monitoring and control of combustion in large marine and stationary engines is required, Kistler is on hand with proven, reliable solutions - customized as required for every customer, including the necessary certifications.

Cylinder pressure measurement is the crucial factor in CLCC for large engines - this provides on-line feedback information to the engine control system about the actual operating conditions in the combustion chamber. Analysis of data from CLCC systems in use today provides clear evidence on how the efficiency of 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines can be enhanced. Fuel consumption improvements, of as much as 2%, stability of emissions over long operating periods, and the ability to optimize maintenance intervals, all lead to short term operational cost savings for the engine operators. The advantages of this are even more evident when operating with mixed or variable quality fuels. The systems also provide longer term potential savings for customers; from the early warning detection of engine operating issues that could otherwise lead to very high repair costs, and from a general reduction in engine component wear that the elimination of high load combustion events made possible with CLCC can achieve.

Combustion Control in Continuous Operation with Reliable On-line Monitoring

Kistler has designed rugged piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors to meet the special requirements of on-line combustion monitoring in marine and stationary engine installations. These long service lifetimes – installed on the cylinder head of low- and medium-speed engines – are the key to our success in this market.

Certified Industry Standard: Offline Diagnosis

Cylinder pressure also provides meaningful information about the condition of an engine when used as a regular maintenance basis – as an off-line diagnostic tool. All large engine classification companies specify regular cylinder pressure measurements as a standard – and this data provides the essential basis for maintaining good fuel consumption. Peak pressures on large engines can be recorded periodically by Kistler's diagnostic equipment, with immediate evaluation using the software supplied with the products. This rugged equipment can be installed quickly and easily on the indicator valve on the engine and delivers accurate and reliable measurement data from sensors with proven long-term stability.

Reliable Sensor and System Expertise – from One Single Source

When a customer needs to monitor and control large engines, they need look no further than Kistler: we offer cylinder pressure sensors backed by all the service and system expertise necessary – allowing us to develop cost-effective solutions tailored to the needs of each specific customer. Jürg Stadler, Head of Kistler’s Strategic Business Field Marine & Stationary, proudly explains, “Our many years of expertise in cylinder pressure measurement provide the basis for combustion control for many manufacturers of large engines, shipbuilders, shipping companies and power plant operators. One example is General Electric (GE) - this manufacturer of energy technology solutions in power generation was so enthusiastic about our professional, customer focused, service offering that the company awarded us GE's prize for innovative capacity and technology leadership in 2015.”

Kistler has over 20 years of experience in engine diagnostics, operational monitoring and engine combustion control and has cost-effective solutions that offer both long-term reliability and an early return on investment for our customers.

For more information visit Marine & Stationary.

1 International Chamber of Shipping (ICS): Shipping, World Trade and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). 2014
2 IMO: MARPOL Annex VI, Capter 4, adopted July 2011:

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Cylinder Pressure Measurement Cuts Fuel Consumption
Kistler boosts the efficiency and reliability of large marine and stationary engines through monitoring and...
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